Leucadia Residence

Leucadia Residence, Encinitas, 2012
Though it could be viewed as a purely aesthetic endeavor, the scope of this project actually deals with three distinct yet related issues. First, a complete update of exterior materials gave the existing residence a clean, fresh look. Second, ongoing maintenance of the exterior is minimized by replacing the aging wood with cement panel board and battens, smooth faced stucco and stone veneer. Lastly, the house is given a clear point of entry from the street with the addition of a trellis and new front door. The clean lines of a new cable railing and glass-paneled garage door complete the package.

From the homeowner:
“It was a pleasure working with you both in the concept and design phases for the exterior remodeling and updating of our home. I would not have thought it possible to create such a dramatic and satisfying transformation of our home without any structural modifications. Your vision, however was spot on and [my wife] and I are really thrilled with the result. Thank you.”

General Contractor: Southwest Construction

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