Dec 08

Stabb Residence

Stabb Residence A duplex in its previous life, the design for this single family home took the existing structure down to the studs and added a small amount of square footage to the front and back of the home.  Stucco, engineered bamboo siding and aluminum windows and doors define the exterior palette.  Oak flooring and porcelain tile provide a neutral backdrop for bright maple cabinetry and selective tile accents.  JLC provided a complete design package including architecture, interiors and exterior hardscape.   From the homeowner: “A year and half ago I purchased a small duplex that I wanted to convert into a single family house. The location was great, with an existing ocean view, but the building was pretty spartan. Working closely with Tyler Van Stright at JLC, we came up with a great design that took maximum advantage of the existing structure, while creating a very modern/contemporary house. Since the property is in a view assessment area, we were limited in what could be done without triggering an extensive additional review and permitting process. Tyler was awesome at working through the design to maximize the use of the existing view and not requiring what would have been a great […]
May 15

Three Steps Residence

Three Steps Residence This new build for a young family responds to the desire for a modern, comfortable, and sustainable home. The single-story structure holds three distinct levels – each connected by 3 steps. These levels are designed to graciously work with the gently sloping site to provide multiple connection points to the outdoors along the way. Public areas of the home open up to engage the outdoor living spaces, while bedrooms along the north side of the home preserve privacy. The mass of the home is sited along the northern portion of the lot to take full advantage of natural light throughout the entire year. Overhangs are proportioned to keep the house cool in the summer, while taking in the sun’s warmth during the winter months.   Construction Type: New Construction Location: Solana Beach, CA Date Completed: 2013 Contractor: Naylor Construction
Apr 12

RSF Modern

RSF Modern JLC was charged with a major face lift of this one-of-a-kind custom home.  Originally built in 1997, the overall structure of the home allowed for design features that would not otherwise be approved under strict Rancho Santa Fe design guidelines.  Exterior materials include stucco and glass walls, a new aluminum fascia and wood T&G soffits.  The new railings are defined by horizontal steel rods and a wood cap.  The rear courtyard was also renovated with a completely refinished pool, new hardscape and a custom cast-in-place concrete fireplace.   Construction Type: Renovation/Addition Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA Date Completed: 2016
Apr 01

South Granados

South Granados Located at a prominent corner on one of the few undeveloped residential sites left in Solana Beach, this project is important not only for the homeowner, but for the community as well. A rigorous site analysis laid the groundwork for a design response which took into account the homeowner’s program, input from the neighbors, and the scale of the project and the character of the neighborhood. The end result is a design that is well set into the existing grade, a move which preserves adjacent views and reduces the visual impact of the structure from the street; all while graciously meeting the desires of the owner.   The plan is broken into six unique floor plates. The bottom four of which tie together along the gradually sloping site. An intentionally long southern exposure implements the basics of passive solar design: large amounts of glass bring in abundant light and warmth in the winter, while deep overhangs protect from unwanted summer heat gain. Ocean views to the west are selectively framed throughout the house without compromising privacy from the busy street corner. Public functions within the house flow seamlessly between indoor and outdoor living spaces. JLC Architecture was responsible […]
Mar 01

Fay Residence

Fay Residence This project got its start when a proud homeowner built his residence a number of decades back on a beautiful site in Solana Beach. The new design proposed a complete reconfiguration of the interior layout and a new gallery walkway. These changes would tie together the existing house and detached garage.  Simple and well executed framing made this work relatively simple, keeping the existing exterior walls and roof in place. New interior and exterior finishes were applied throughout the house. In addition to reusing most of the existing structure, sustainable features include abundant natural light and ventilation, radiant heating, solar hot water and a PV system.   Construction Type: Renovation/Addition Location: Solana Beach, CA Date Completed: 2014  
Jan 20

Newport Spec

Newport Spec Executed as a remodel/addition to an existing residence, the design for this home captures 360 degree views from the coast line to downtown San Diego.  The modern style, with corner windows and pocketing doors enhances the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces by creating seamless transitions from living space to functional exterior spaces.  The great room opens up to an infinity pool further enhancing the relationship to the outdoor and the ocean beyond.   A detached garage and bonus flex space take full advantage of available height and square footage allowances.  The end result is a contemporary design that any family can enjoy.   Construction Type: Renovation/Addition Location: San Diego, CA Date Completed: 2017
Nov 01

North Rios

North Rios The desire for a modern, energy efficient home on a modest budget necessitated a tight plan with simple, durable materials. The uncomplicated program consisted of an open plan living space, master suite and home office, all with ample connection to the outdoors. Straightforward construction techniques yielded light-filled volumes that took advantage of passive heating and natural ventilation. Coming in at a modest 1,700 square feet of living space with a 200 square foot detached garage, this dwelling delivers all the comforts of a large home-in a compact package.   Construction Type: Renovation Location: Solana Beach, CA Date Completed: 2010
Nov 01

Norfolk Spec 1

Norfolk Spec 1 Parcel 1 of a 4-home development. Each home was a unique design, laid out in response to specific site conditions.   Construction Type: New Construction Location: Cardiff, CA Date Completed: 2016 Contractor: Naylor Construction
Nov 01

Norfolk Spec 2

Norfolk Spec 2 Parcel 2 of a 4-home development. Each home was a unique design, laid out in response to specific site conditions.   Construction Type: New Construction Location: Cardiff, CA Date Completed: 2016 Contractor: Naylor Construction
Nov 01

Norfolk Spec 3

Norfolk Spec 3 Parcel 3 of a 4-home development. Each home was a unique design, laid out in response to specific site conditions.  This particular site was the most exposed to the freeway.  In response, a courtyard space was created between the garage and residence, sheltered by a connecting hallway and two story wall.  From the living space, a long horizontal window curates the view.   Construction Type: New Construction Location: Cardiff, CA Date Completed: 2016 Contractor: Naylor Construction