Fay Residence

Fay Residence This project got its start when a proud homeowner built his residence a number of decades back on a beautiful site in Solana Beach. The new design proposed a complete reconfiguration of the interior layout and a new gallery walkway. These changes would tie together the existing house and detached garage.  Simple and well executed framing made this work relatively simple, keeping the existing exterior walls and roof in place. New interior and exterior finishes were applied throughout the house. In addition to reusing most of the existing structure, sustainable features include abundant natural light and ventilation, radiant heating, solar hot water and a PV system.   From the homeowner: “I retained JLC in early 2011 to completely re-design and significantly expand my home in Solana Beach. JLC executed the re-design in carefully planned phases with us fully involved in moving through the stages JLC was keenly cognizant and in control of cost, practicalty and scheduling factors throughout the design including primary emphasis on the aesthetics. What resulted was a beautiful home completed in late 2013 that fully met our expectations. It has been a constant pleasure to live in the house since that time.”   Construction Type: Renovation/Addition […]

Three Steps Residence

Three Steps Residence This new build for a young family responds to the desire for a modern, comfortable, and sustainable home. The single-story structure holds three distinct levels – each connected by 3 steps. These levels are designed to graciously work with the gently sloping site to provide multiple connection points to the outdoors along the way. Public areas of the home open up to engage the outdoor living spaces, while bedrooms along the north side of the home preserve privacy. The mass of the home is sited along the northern portion of the lot to take full advantage of natural light throughout the entire year. Overhangs are proportioned to keep the house cool in the summer, while taking in the sun’s warmth during the winter months.   Construction Type: New Construction Location: Solana Beach, CA Date Completed: 2013 Contractor: Naylor Construction

1914 Residence

1914 Residence Named from its original date of construction, the remodel of this San Diego Craftsman increases functionality and enjoyment of the house, yet preserves the essence of the original structure. A modest expansion was added at the kitchen along with a new back porch. The interior was selectively gutted – converting individual rooms to an open plan that allows fluidity from one space to the next. Original wood floors and coffered ceilings were maintained and restored. New materials include a troweled concrete floor finish, custom milled soapstone countertop alongside integral sinks, exposed wood and custom casework. New windows and doors were designed to complement the originals. The front porch was overhauled as well. Original hardware, interior doors and other small pieces of the original house were restored, reused and repurposed throughout.   From the homeowner: “After a lifetime of dreams of creating my own home one day, I had no idea where to begin to remodel my childhood home. I didn’t know if the nearly 100-year-old structure would be able to survive. The quality of work was excellent through every step of the process. It was a great adventure!”   Construction Type: Renovation/Addition Location: San Diego, CA Date Completed: 2012 […]

North Rios

North Rios The desire for a modern, energy efficient home on a modest budget necessitated a tight plan with simple, durable materials. The uncomplicated program consisted of an open plan living space, master suite and home office, all with ample connection to the outdoors. Straightforward construction techniques yielded light-filled volumes that took advantage of passive heating and natural ventilation. Coming in at a modest 1,700 square feet of living space with a 200 square foot detached garage, this dwelling delivers all the comforts of a large home-in a compact package.   Construction Type: Renovation Location: Solana Beach, CA Date Completed: 2010

Santa Luz

Santa Luz A large site open to ample sun and prevailing ocean breezes holds immense opportunity for the dream of quintessential California indoor-outdoor living. Authentic detailing and quality craftsmanship for this French Provencal given high priority. Designing with LEED for Homes Certification as a goal provided clear benchmarks by which to measure our sustainable design efforts.   Construction Type: Conceptual Location: San Diego, CA