Stabb Residence

A duplex in its previous life, the design for this single family home took the existing structure down to the studs and added a small amount of square footage to the front and back of the home.  Stucco, engineered bamboo siding and aluminum windows and doors define the exterior palette.  Oak flooring and porcelain tile provide a neutral backdrop for bright maple cabinetry and selective tile accents.  JLC provided a complete design package including architecture, interiors and exterior hardscape.

From the homeowner:
“A year and half ago I purchased a small duplex that I wanted to convert into a single family house. The location was great, with an existing ocean view, but the building was pretty spartan. Working closely with Tyler Van Stright at JLC, we came up with a great design that took maximum advantage of the existing structure, while creating a very modern/contemporary house. Since the property is in a view assessment area, we were limited in what could be done without triggering an extensive additional review and permitting process. Tyler was awesome at working through the design to maximize the use of the existing view and not requiring what would have been a great deal of cost and time associated with the view assessment process. Finally, Tyler and the rest of the JLC team were a delight to work with. Always friendly, helpful and communicative. I really look forward to getting to work with them again some day.”
Construction Type: Addition/Remodel
Location: Solana Beach, CA
Date Completed: 2017
Contractor: McDaniel General Contracting